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Your estimated income the first year after graduation. See table below for more info
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Estimate what percentage your income is expected to grow annually
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The amount of loans you borrowed or plan to borrow for law school
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How Income translates to Participant Contribution

The below table shows the relationship between your income and your expected COAP repayment contribution.

COAP Table (students admitted after 9/1/2011)

# Adjusted Income Participant Contribution
1 Under $50,000 $0
2 $50,000 - $64,999 15% of Income over $50,000
3 $65,000 - $80,000 $2,250 + 30% of Income over $65,000
4 Over $80,000 $6,750 + 60% of Income over $80,000

YLS Loan Repayment Plan

A schedule of loan payments based on the information you entered in the COAP calculator

Year Annual Calculated Loan Repayment Annual Income COAP Participant Contribution YLS Contribution

COAP Contribution Projection

COAP allows our graduates the flexibility to pursue any career opportunity afforded to them without concern about their loan repayment.

YLS Contribution

For the first five years, the loan payment uses the 15-year fixed interest rate. After that, the 5-year fixed interest rate is used.

Student Contribution

Pay a gradually increasing amount towards your loan over time



If you have questions on your COAP estimate or would like to discuss in more detail, contact . the YLS Financial Aid Office